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  1. Thanks Wen, do you have a Timeline for supporting Google Music, offline music? Many Thanks
  2. Hi all, any news regarding Google Music Support? Is there a public beta to use? I could be a beta tester. Thanks
  3. What's the detail of Google Music support? As 1st step would be very great to make Poweramp able to read offline Google Music's library and playlist, without importing with other tool. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have all my music library uploaded to Google Music, and I would like to play offline music direclty into Poweramp. I just got an external app "Offline Music Importer", but it simply move music from Google Cache to another location adding back name and i3d tag. This is very annoing, and i do not like move music across SD Card every time. A great feature to add to Power Amp would be the ability to read Google Music Offline library directly, without importing music in another folder. Thanks
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