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  1. I have used that program once before and couldnt believe how painstakingly slow it was. Thought it was the first time run that was the issue but after updating even just ONE song it took a MASSIVE amount of time again. Really not convenient for me who uploads new songs every day.
  2. for those curious I am using the ICS port which is a combo of build 13 and 14. I have been testing ICS from beta 6 port all the way to more recently Beta 9 and 2.0 has been stable with a FEW small FC's of which I would gladly help the developer understand if he wants to message me privately or email me at yanohayon@gmail.com overall though it runs GREAT!
  3. Sadly I tried the search but I think its down. I got an android coming from a BB and before that a Iphone and I have to say thank god for Poweramp as I use my phone as my only MP3 player at the gym, car you name it. I do however draw a blank. How do you manage your MP3s and music files in an efficient way? For now I am dragging and dropping but I really would like to have the capability of uploading playlists rather than just dumping huge song amounts at a time on there. Post your ideas it would be well appreciated.
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