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  1. I just downloaded an app called "Playlist Backup." It is probably not as sophisticated as the app TheoKlink suggested, but it allowed me to take the M3U8 files exported from Poweramp and transfer them to system based playlists, which Poweramp finally did import. This worked well as a one-time transfer. It isn't practical for synchronization. The next time I buy a phone, I will probably forget how I did this. I'll have to come back here and re-visit my own post. From Playlist Backup, go to Poweramp Playlists. If you have previously copied over any Poweramp exported file-based playlists, they will be shown there as M3U8 files. Select what you want and then "Backup Selected." The M3U8 playlists have now been transferred to system playlists that can be imported into Poweramp.
  2. go! is not just imagining this - he has a valid point. I have been dealing with this issue for the past week. Not long ago I upgraded to a newer phone. I have been trying to get the Poweramp internal playlists from my old phone to my new phone. Poweramp doesn't allow you to do that. It exports file based playlists from the old phone, and tries to iimport system playlists into the new phone. It is a complete disconnect - it exports one type and imports the other type. I have copied the exported, file based playlists to the new phone. Poweramp will play them, but they are not editable. When I use the import function on the new phone, it tries to import system playlists, and there aren't any, because Poweramp never made them on the old phone in the first place. The results are: "Imported playlists: 0, entries imported: 0, entries skipped: 0." I am remembering the last time I upgraded to a new phone and had the same issue. This has been going on for years. Last time out of frustration I wound up re-creating all of my Poweramp internal playlists from scratch, which was necessary to get something that was editable. Otherwise you just can't get there from here. If I had root on my new phone I would just back up Poweramp with it's data and restore it on the new phone, but the AT&T S5 is not rootable. Besides, I shouldn't have to resort to that in the first place. All the other apps I have been using allow me to export data from the old phone and import it into the new one, but this one has an obvious disconnect in the way it (doesn't) accomplish that. I am truly amazed it has gone on this long. Not to mention the fact that there is no way I can transfer the custom equalizer presets from the old phone to the new phone either.
  3. I am also using his voice dialing app and miss the ability to play songs by speaking the song names or the album titles. This app used to work superbly with Poweramp, but since 2.0 came out, it no longer works, except to start and stop the music and select the next track. This guy would really like to recommend Poweramp for use with his app, but can't because the new API Lib documentation doesn't have some of the details he needs. I was about to buy Poweramp until 2.0 broke the voice dialing interface with his app. Can you try to answer his questions?
  4. This is related to my post about how some Choice Dialer voice activated commands don't work anymore either. My post is at: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1952-latest-update-20-broke-some-choice-dialer-commands/ I still haven't seen the new API definitions posted anywhere yet.
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