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    What does Stereo X refer to?

    ok thx haddy
  2. pokerguy16

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what the Stereo X knob refer to soundwise in the Vol/Bal section? Thanks.
  3. pokerguy16

    why i do"t receive the Unlocker apk package

    I had same problem. I then went to Market on the phone, searched Poweramp Unlocker. It showed that I purchased it. I then clicked on the icon and did Install.
  4. pokerguy16

    What does Stereo X refer to?

    Hi all, Don't recall seeing this on v1.4, but when you click on Equalizer---->Vol/Bal, there is a knob at the top that says Stereo X. It was defaulted to off. What does this control. Thx.