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  1. First, I'd just like to say that Poweramp has long been a favorite app, well worth the purchase. I've probably recommended it more than any other single app. The new v3 release is, overall, a nice, fresh step forward and I appreciate all the effort that went into it. There is one area though that I feel merits some scrutiny and consideration for improvement. Queue functionality. My number one, by far, desired feature would be the ability to designate any list, album, artist, or song selection as "Play Next" or "Top of Queue". The selected item or items would effectively move to the top of the queue and play as soon as the current selection finishes. This could also effectively work as a "move to top" feature for selections made within the queue itself. Alternately, if it were possible to select songs within the queue and then press a "move to top" button, this would work almost as well. Second, it seems that the default queue behavior is to not repeat a track until all tracks have been played once. However, the memory often seems to reset arbitrarily. If there is a way to make the queue's memory more rigid, it would be excellent. More often than not, I play queue items on shuffle, so it's easy to lose track of what I've played already. Next, it would be great if it were possible to restrict duplicates in the queue. Often I add a few songs to the queue from a particular album or artist, and then come back later to add more. Of course the problem is that I don't always remember which ones I've added already. Similarly, it'd be convenient to be able to display/sort queue items alphabetically by artist or album name. Often I lose track of exactly what I've put in the queue and would like to do a quick scroll to review. Finally, is it possible to bring back the option to see the next track scheduled to be played? While information about the current song's format and compression is occasionally useful, I very much miss the ability to know what will play next, especially on shuffle.
  2. MaxMP: After using the new release for some hours, I'm definitely very happy with it. The new features pretty much include everything I've been wanting in Poweramp, primarily track rating nad recently played and most played lists. More efficient playlist creation is a huge, welcome bonus too. The new DSP sounds even better and you've managed to cram all this functionality in without, so far as I can tell, compromising the smooth responsiveness of the previous versions. Excellent! The only small problem I'm having with the new features is that if I skip a track, it still shows up as a "play" for the purposes of the "most played" and "recently played" lists. Is there any way to add a setting that would record a "play" only if the track has been played all the way through? Or perhaps played at least 50%, sort of like the Last.fm scrobbler? Otherwise, my only problem with Poweramp had been that it seemed that shuffle/random features seemed less than random much of the time, so I'd get a lot more repeats than I'd expect. I'm crossing my fingers that this will turn out to be another improvement in 2.0. Anyway, I hope you are compensated well by this new release. I'd definitely be willing to pay for the update, to be honest. Considering the amount of usage I get from Poweramp, getting this much new stuff for free makes me feel a bit guilty. You should absolutely either put up a donation link on your site or submit one to the Android market for those of us who appreciate your ongoing efforts and believe in paying for good products.
  3. Just adding my two bits, I have a Galaxy S and find its sound quality to be vastly inferior to my old Cowon PMPs (a U3 and an S9) as well as to iPhones I've listened to. If the Galaxy S 2 is even worse than the original Galaxy S then I'm definitely ruling it out when I replace my phone in a couple months. If Cowon could partner with HTC, Moto or Samsung, to get Cowon sound into a great phone, I'd be the first in line to buy one. Don't get me wrong though. Poweramp definitely makes better use of whatever hardware capability the Galaxy S does have than any of the other music players I've used with my Android phones.
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