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  1. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1914-editing-also-artist-album-and-other-tags/
  2. I know that exist programs like this, and even android apps, but we already can edit single song's tags, so I think it would be useful multi-editing, so that we could uninstall that apps and have an all-in-one app (like other players are)
  3. This is the only feature the stock player has (SGS) that i really miss on Poweramp
  4. I bought in march Poweramp; it was a really good player but after some time i noticed that it still missed some useful features that one player i found had. Now Poweramp with the last update became again the best and i started again to use it, but it still miss one thing that to me would be really really useful: now it's possible to edit the info of the songs, but it would be great if we could edit multiple elements like the name of an artist for every song with that artist (i mean, maybe i wrote by mistake The Beetles insted of The Beatles on the pc, but i can edit all my 100 song with one single tap without the need of editing them one by one) I hope you'll understand my bad english, if you don't, ask me and i'll try to explain better what i wanted to say
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