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  1. Hello Max It's been a long time sence i'v been on your forums. I have not had any problums with Poweramp for 2 years or somthing like that, Untill the Xprivacy lock out thing. When people started complaining about our favorite music player (Poweramp) not working i got upset a bit myself. But i thought i would just give you and your team a week or so before i botherd emailing you & or posting on this forum. I was and still and am prity buzy with school & should be doing homework right now. Any how the point i am getting at is THANKS for the fast work! I told people in the other thread on xda that in the past when i first found your app back in 1.x and had communicated with you that you where a grate Dev.
  2. Its in the bottom left of the album art. You have to turn on the repeat & shuffle in settings
  3. Yes as long as its an option that can be turned on & off
  4. I have a SGS Epic and the stock music player does just what your talking about. It also has next trak pre track. http://db.tt/itfHpKK9 see screen shot. I would love to see this feature in Power Amp. That & the cover flow view are the two features that samsungs stock music player has that Power Amp does not have that I miss.
  5. I also really like this idea
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