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  1. Awesome, thanks! Anything on the things I asked earlier?
  2. Having really bad issues with the volume. It seems that unless I'm on the actual Poweramp volume screen, the phone's Media Volume doesn't move up and down with Poweramp's own internal volume. I had the phone's volume down all the way and I still heard music. Kind of sucks when I like to listen to music at work and need to lower the volume down in a hurry.
  3. Trying to figure out a few things on this new release. How do I disable the track counter on the widget? The volume of my preset equalizer gets screwed up sometimes when I adjust it with the phone's buttons, switching off and back. Not sure what causes this. Why is shuffle/repeat switches forced with the rating switches on lockscreen? I'd prefer not to have that on the screen. Why does it need to rescan randomly when I boot? I noticed a few others have mentioned this, I have a G2X with the Weapon G2X rom. Whenever I click on the widget on my homescreen, it doesn't always take me to the Player screen even though I have the Startup Screen set to the player. It seems that if I don't hit home while on the player, it doesn't take me there when I press on the widget and it just takes me to the Library. Any way to correct this? Any plans for different lockscreens? I liked the old one very much where everything was on the bottom of the screen with my clock alone on the top of the screen. Also, I downloaded the widget pack, but none of the widgets seemed different from the regular included ones at all, options and look. What's that about? Very happy about finding the older theme on the market, didn't like any of the new ones at all.
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