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  1. Same issue here. LG V40 running latest Pie update. It actually ran each time I tried it for about 24 hours then starting forcing closed with the widget or icon to open it. The widget was stuck on an tune I had played much earlier.
  2. I know I am way behind but for the most part it works great on my V30. I reverted back to the alpha only because it lacked too many features at this point. It is going to be great once complete.
  3. Also requesting the LG V30. I had high Res on my old V20 I believe. It sometimes errored but was Hmm. My bad. Got 704 now and it seems good.
  4. I am using Alpha 4 and tbe options do exist on my LG V20. For the most part it works great but in occasion I get an unsupported error though it keep playing.
  5. Actually, the feature I wanted is not necessary if it does not delete the file off of the sd card. That was my fear. I have done that twice with other players unintentionally. Accideny hit delete and the phones freezes. Hit no and whe it catches up, it has deleted it. If I want to completely delete it, I would rather use a file manager.
  6. First, best audio player out there. I would love a delete protection option in the settings. Perhaps a check box that when checked, disables the delete buttons. With the buttons so prominent, my clumsy fingers have hit delete a few times. One time, due to my phone hanging a little, I actually deleted the tune. Luckily I had recent backed them up. Perhaps even an exra confirmation level. I love it though and just bought the full version and deleted Mixzing. a
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