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  1. Please add at least 24 bit output for phones with 24 bit playback. And if possible please add 32 bit output for the LG-V10. :-) I'd like to see this app as the J.River Media Center for Android. :-)
  2. Andrewilley, Do you know what DAC means? From what I'm reading above, I don't think you do. It means "Digital to Analog Converter". Every phone has one, and every application has to have the ability to send digital audio to it. If it doesn't then the listener would not hear anything. The V10 has a Reference Audiophile 32bit DAC as-well-as a standard 16bit crappy DAC. All we are asking is if you can also support the BETTER DAC. If your codecs can't support something that is HIGH-END then those codecs you are referring to are CRAPPY and I will be sure to let the community know.
  3. What keeps my from using Poweramp is that is doesn't have the audio engine that Neutron Player has (32 bit Audio Path and up to 24 bit Output). Yes this may shorten Battery life but it would be a great addition for us audio lovers. I would totally switch to your player if you had these features because Neuton Player's UI really sucks.
  4. Does Poweramp support 24 bit hardware support? I read that the player supports 24 bit 96khz files, but again will it output at least 24 bit 44.1/48Khz?
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