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  1. Thanks for responding, however I had 0 issues with these same files, and 0 issues with the android music player or mobo player. Upon further inspection I noticed that the files are being added but the ID3 tags are being read wrong. All my music shows up under "songs" but none under artist, album, or genre. And yes I have made sure that my IDv3 tags are correct with my music. I've used MP3 Tagger Pro to fix any tag issues I've had in the past. As I said, I've had Poweramp on my device since the first day I got it and had 0 issues with the library, all I did was simply install the update; none of the folders or files changed, I didn't do anything with the SD. And all of my music plays just fine If I dig for it through the "folders" view.
  2. I've been using power amp for over a year without issue but when I received the 2.0 update I lost my music from the library. I've adjusted and played with all of the settings under library options but to no a avail. I see the progress bar but it only reaches around 15% and then freezes and force closes. I've unistalled/re-installed and restarted my device and still no luck. I have a sony ericsson xperia play r800x stock rom.
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