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  1. Oh my! If you get this working Poweramp will be the best app ever. On any platform! In any universe! Ever!
  2. Yes please! Album artist support would be great!
  3. According to this thread this feature was likely to make it into v2.0 with the new library implementation. Any word on this now that 2.0 plus a few minor releases are out?
  4. I can confirm that RG is now working for me and it didn't before (apparently due to UTF-16 encoded tags). Thank you!
  5. Awsome! Another step towards perfection. ReplayGain is coming my way! If only that album artist view would come as well...
  6. Happy times! Thank you for a great app and great support!
  7. I have sent you a file now. Hope you can make something out of it. Please get back to me if the email doesn't arrive. Thank you
  8. Hi maxmp, Thank you for the new release! I have been following the beta threads but I never tried any of the beta releases, only the full release from the market. Anyways, I have seen somebody report that Replay Gain from ID3 tags are not applied and I see the same thing in the full release. When playing a track with RG info created in FooBar2000 the "RG preamp" setting has no effect whereas the "Preamp for songs without RG" does have effect. I have also seen that you have requested an mp3 file that shows this behavior before. Have you already received one from the previous person that reported this? Otherwise I could send you one. Cheers
  9. +1 This is the only thing I really miss in this great app. Include in 2.1, pretty please with a cherry on top.
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