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  1. Sorry but a third party application like what? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi, I've just read that developers are planning to add Android system playlist support in the App's next versions... In the meantime, is there any pc music player that can sync its playlist with Poweramp. What do you usually do to sync (or at least have) your playlist. Hope this is not a dumb question... Thanks, Marco
  3. Hi everybody, I really don't like how the scrolling bar works... Let me explain: when I scroll down the Artist list, the first 1/3 is reserved to numbers, letter A starts from about 1/3 on. And, in my 30GB music library, I don't have any artist's name starting with a number . More than one drawbak in my opinion: list stuck for the first part (the part reserved to numbers), all the rest more squeezed (this makes precise search more difficult). Moreover, the list bumps when you switch scrolling between swiping the finger up-down and using the bar. On SGS, tested both with Android 2.3.x and 4.0. Please do something, this is the only single thing I don't like in this fantastic app. Marco (sorry for my weird English )
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