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  1. hello, I'm trying to figure out why Power Amp will not find all of my music that I have purchased and downloaded from Google Play? I rescanned all folders on my device and it still will not find them? Any Ideas?
  2. The problem I have is that Poweramp will find only some and not all of my downloaded music from google play? example......i purchased 2 songs on 2 different days within the same week. i downloaded those songs to my internal SD card as I always do. When I open Poweramp and allow it to scan my folders, it finds, displays and will play only one of the 2 songs??? They are both downloaded to the same folder in the same format!!! it doesn't make any sense?
  3. Andre, I have asked this similar question before? The music I purchase from Google music is also downloaded to my internal sd card. Is there a way to tell Poweramp what folder to look for so it will show the downloaded music?
  4. is there a pdf of the user manual available?
  5. How about some kind of user guide for the software?
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