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  1. Well, I just got the update. I have a bunch of album art not showing. Some songs tags aren't showing (unknown artist unknown album). Not sure why. Can't say I love the new interface, but I will stick with it and try it anyhow. But the buttons... can I hide them? I usually listen on shuffle all, I would like to set it and forget it, pop it out when I want to change it. I swear v2 had this, didn't it? I can't check anymore...
  2. So I just upgraded my phone last weekend. Went from the original droid to the Bionic. Poweramp 1.3 kept quitting outputting audio. I almost always just have it set to shuffle play my entire library. It would play fine, until I skipped. I guess a few people have this, because I found this thread on Beta 3, and I gotta say, it works perfectly for me! Love the new look and feel. Love the swipe to skip - so much better than trying to hit a little virtual button in a bouncy jeep. Sound quality seems a lot better, but I grant that may be party the phone circuitry, too. Anyhow, just wanted to say keep up the good work! My most used app just got a lot better!
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