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  1. Love the new release. Really good to have ratings and persistent shuffle. Apart from the "Top Rated" list, is there any way to use the ratings? On my iPod, I could create a custom playlist that was (e.g.) all songs rated 4 stars or higher. This would be really useful in Poweramp.
  2. +1 I would definitely buy this player if it supported rating-on-the-go - preferably including from the lock screen. Please please please add a means of exporting the ratings of all files to a text file or something that can be taken to the computer independently: it would be really nice to have an easy way to get the ratings that were done on the phone back on to the PC without messing around with synchronisation software. It would also be nice to be able to import new ratings from the PC so that the MP3s didn't have to be re-copied if the ratings were changed on the desktop.
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