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  1. If you bought it, just log in on her phone with that account and download.
  2. Yup I know it will use more RAM than any light player cuz of equalizer, tones etc but it would be nice to optimize it at least a bit Thanks for answer
  3. Poweramp uses pretty much RAM comparing to other players. Would it be possible to optimize it a bit to lower the RAM consumption? For high ends it doesn't matter but for weaker phones it could be better.
  4. After intalling build 480 I got strange artifact on 4x2 widget, kind of dark thick strip in the middle
  5. Delete button deletes file from Poweramp (permanently I think) but not from sdcard!
  6. Since I haven't seen any skins for Poweramp yet, I'd like you to post here skins you made or you found ( If found please write credits). I think here is good place for it!
  7. at least for 320kbps mp3 files .. sry for 2nd post but somehow couldnt edit
  8. it may be related to governor scaling and time in differing it to reach different frequences, anyways id recommend 166mhz as minimal
  9. And what about tags edit? Can only edit name, artist and album, it shows also composer, comments but those can't be edited
  10. worse improved from beta3, doesnt respond on start on galaxy spica i5700 (2.2) gotta click wait about 3 times....
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