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    sorry...have a problem while compailing skins (classic skin): somebody please help... ant [checkenv] Android SDK Tools Revision 21.0.1 [checkenv] Installed at c:\Program Files\sdk\sdk -setup: [echo] Project Name: Poweramp-Classic-Skin [gettype] Project Type: Application -pre-clean: clean: [delete] Deleting directory c:\skin\skin_classic\bin [delete] Deleting directory c:\skin\skin_classic\gen [getlibpath] Library dependencies: [getlibpath] No Libraries [subant] No sub-builds to iterate on -set-jar: -build-setup: [echo] Resolving Build Target for Poweramp-Classic-Skin... [gettarget] Project Target: Android 2.2 [gettarget] API level: 8 [echo] ---------- [echo] Creating output directories if needed... [mkdir] Created dir: c:\skin\skin_classic\bin [mkdir] Created dir: c:\skin\skin_classic\bin\res [mkdir] Created dir: c:\skin\skin_classic\gen [mkdir] Created dir: c:\skin\skin_classic\bin\classes [mkdir] Created dir: c:\skin\skin_classic\bin\dexedLibs [echo] ---------- [echo] Resolving Dependencies for Poweramp-Classic-Skin... [dependency] Ordered libraries: [dependency] [dependency] ------------------ [dependency] API<=15: Adding annotations.jar to the classpath. [echo] ---------- [echo] Building Libraries with '${build.target}'... [subant] No sub-builds to iterate on -code-gen: [echo] SKIN: Generating R.java / Manifest.java from the resources... [exec] W/asset ( 2600): Asset path ..\..\audioplayer\bin\audioplayer.apk is neither a directory nor file (type=1). [exec] ERROR: Asset package include '..\..\audioplayer\bin\audioplayer.apk' not found. BUILD FAILED c:\skin\skin_classic\build.xml:37: exec returned: 1 Total time: 1 second c:\skin\skin_classic> p.s. i find answer! ^)
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