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  1. Awesome! So the real problem, as usual, is that I have no idea what I am doing. ;-) Just installed the beta. Will give it a whirl. Thanks again!
  2. Huh. Well, from a technical point of view I certainly stand corrected. However, I know what my ears are telling me and the results are pretty consistent across 3 different devices. As to the crossfeed feature in NC's player... it is actually kind of crap. I generally rely upon the crossfred switch built into my pocket amp. But I digress. Not sure why I am getting such a huge difference in sound quality between the two players. I do know that the experience is very similar to the first time I listened to my music as it was rendered by a device sporting a top-end Wolfson codec/DAC should be the same but wasn't. The sound field was so much richer and more immersive. Anyway, cheers and keep up the great interface work. Still second to none in that department.
  3. New feature / version: Audiophile version with native rendering core. Hello all: First of all, I am a HUGE FAN of the Poweramp player and have been a paid user since my old HTC Hero. Now on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (after a Samsung Epic and HTC G2) and still love the App. :-) However, despite how awesome and well thought out the interface and interactions of Poweramp are (and I am a UX architect by trade so that is no small compliment), the overall sound quality is still totally dependent upon the quality of the codec and DAC in one's phone or tablet. Often this yields less than flattering results. Not so, Neutron Code's Neutron Music Player. It uses a completely native code (internal to the program) 32bit audio rendering core and, to be frank, there is just no comparison in the quality of sound output. I mean, HOLY CRAP!! However, Neutron's interface is TERRIBLE!!! I mean bad Man! They claim it is a 'pro only' interface but it simply sucks. So here is the thought: I know that Neutron Code's engine is licensable. They make quite a deal of it on their site. So, why not create an Audiophile version of Poweramp that combines your brilliant interface and interaction patterns with the unbeatable (thus far) sound quality of the Neutron player? Sure, you would have to charge like $8 - $10 for the app but those of us (and we are a growing number) that have already blown $300 - $500 on state of the art in-ear monitors and $150 - $500 external amplifiers would sure appreciate being able to have the best of both worlds! Any thoughts?? Thanks, Matt. mdxwired@gmail.com or matt@mdxwired.com
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