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  1. I hear it when I skip tracks, or change tracks from Folder view. Basically any manual song change or manual seek. It can happen in the main screen or the lockscreen controls. I should also mention it doesn't always happen, but when it does, it is especially noticeable on tracks that immediately start without any silence at the beginning.
  2. maxmp: I'm still hearing crossfade even when crossfade is disabled. When I seek or change tracks, there is still a noticable fade in. Auto Advance Fading: No fading Manual Track Change Fading: No fading Fade play/pause/stop: Unchecked Fade on seek: Unchecked It was not an issue on the previous stable version, it seems to be a 2.0 issue. I also use ReplayGain (album) and Direct Volume Control, if that is related.
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