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  1. The conditions are exactly the same as the ones in this post. But I was just surprised when I encoded a couple of files for the test and found out that winamp also can't manage the gapless (surprised because, as the original poster of the thread, I tested with neutron and did have gapless. I didn't notice before because I use flac on the pc). So let me turn it around. Do you recomend a particular aac encoder to avoid problems?
  2. I'm gonna bring this back up to also ask for this feature. I don't play mp3 on power amp, so I don't know about it, but aac is very much not gapless. (cut silence doesn't do the job, nor does anything else) Is the any chance to have this implemented? Is literally the only thing I'm missing from the app right now (otherwise, congratulations on the many improvements since I bought it a couple of years ago. Definitely a good buy)
  3. Okay... v2.0 since beta 2 is just amazing. Everything I want is there. Great, great player.
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