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  1. To keep the path shorter, I want to put several flac/cue couples in one folder. Each couple represents one album. How should I name the picture files to have different covers for each album? If I should use artist and/or album names, the question is even more complicated: how should I name them if the name of the artist and/or album names contains non-ASCII characters? Examples of such album names are (two names): Csillagok Útján • Skyrover (1978) Старые добрые песни But these are names written in the cue sheet files! The names of the cue and flac files are quite different, and always ASCII. Ideally, I'd like to have an ability (and how-to instruction!) to have a separate picture for the folder itself, and separate pictures for each album in the folder.
  2. Currently only the album name is shown there. The track name appears shortly at the beginning of the track. But sometimes I want to know the track name that is being played now. Hope it's not that hard to implement!
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