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  1. Hello,

    I'm having trouble with skipping tracks or resuming play. When I start Poweramp and try to start or resume playback, it takes up to 20 seconds for the song to load and start playing. Also, a lot of times when I try to skip tracks when already playing, it takes up to the same amount of time just to get to the next track and start playing. Sometimes it goes a lot faster and plays the next track within a second or so, but many times when trying to skip within the lock screen or getting out of the lock screen, entering the app, and hitting next, it takes such a long time to skip. Usually when the app is already open and I'm just skipping from there it's a lot better and and changes quicker. This happens even when the app is the only one in the foreground running, with plenty of RAM available.

    I've tried searching the forums but I haven't found anyone with a similar problem, so hopefully I'm not missing anything that's been answered already.

    Otherwise, this is my favorite music player app that has the best features for my use, and thanks for any help someone could provide.

    I'm using a Samsung mp3 player, not a phone, so it's a little different with Android builds and stuff but hopefully that doesn't mean much. 


    Samsung Galaxy player 4.2 YP-GI1

    Android 2.3.6

    Kernel version

    Build number Gingerbread.ueld3

    Poweramp version 2.0.9-build-534 full version


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