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    "<<<" goes to first song in list

    It doesn't help about this issue, but I just learnt something new
  2. Wilhem275

    Music Alarm Clock

    I searched for this but I couldn't find anything... simply: there is a nice sleep function, let's also use Poweramp to wake up with music! Setting up a time, a start-up volume, and a list/song to begin playing... Thanks
  3. As well as first stroke of "<<" is used to go to the beginning of the song, it would be useful if first stroke of "<<<" would go to the beginning of the list/album instead of going straight to previous list (optionally). Thanks
  4. Wilhem275

    Pause on Volume=0

    Sometimes it's useful to shut down music quickly, without waking up the screen. I do so with the physical keys, putting volume to 0, but music playing goes on and this is annoying. It would be nice if, while media volume is 0, music is paused; and gets back playing when volume is raised. This could be an option, since others may prefer to have songs go further even with no volume. I figured out there may be a problem since, by pausing music, the volume keys are no more related to Media Volume (if screen is off and player is not working, they do nothing at all). There should be a workaround, keeping Media Volume active by "faking" play even if music is actually paused... Thanks