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  1. There is an App called: Media Buttons http://de.appszoom.com/android_applications/music_and_audio/media-buttons_yfct.html It is an AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) App which can send play/pause commands over bluetooth. But this is not what i want to see... I would like to see nearly the full Poweramp as a remote control inlcuding my media database located in remoted device
  2. Sorry for the double post... but your "seriallyzer" have an Error reported in line 133??? Warning: Base directory HTML_PURIFIER_PATHcache/tmp does not exist, please create or change using %Cache.SerializerPath in /home/Poweramp/public_html/ips_kernel/HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer.php on line 133 {"success":1,"post":"\n\n.......
  3. Hi, i bought one Simvalley AW 414 go. This is an android smartwatch with features like GSM, 3G, HSPA, WiFi, bluetooth 4.0, dual core Cortex A7-Prozessor @1,2-GHz, 512 MB RAM, Android 4.2.2 JellyBean, builtin camera, GPS... The screen is an 1,5"-Touchscreen (4 cm, 240 x 240 Pixel) A full powered smartphone as wristwatch for only 199,- Euro. https://www.google.de/search?hl=de&pws=0&op=out&q=pearl+smartwatch#hl=de&newwindow=1&pws=0&q=simvalley%20aw-414.go I would like to remote control my Poweramp App installed at my HTC OneX+ over bluetooth. In the next few months the
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