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  1. I've been having an issue with the past few builds that if I use the sleep timer function (play song to end enabled), the next time I play music after the sleep timer ends it will play one track and stop. Only fix is to manually force stop the app.
  2. Any fixes? I have not installed any apps that should interfere with Poweramp. The only app that can be the culprit is the stock Music app which has extended Bluetooth capabilities (including AVRCP 1.3), but there is no way to get rid of it or block it that I know of.
  3. I'm still having an issue I've had since 1.4 with my Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S2) where after the phone connects to my car's Bluetooth radio, it will play music for 1 second and then pause. I have to start playback manually every time I start my car. I've played with every setting on both Poweramp and my phone (Resume on BT A2DP Connect enabled and have tried disabling Pause on Headset Disconnect). I know it's not my car since my EVO 3D did not have this problem at all. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I've tried about everything.
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