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  1. I recently got a new phone, reinstalled Poweramp on the new phone and tried to restore my Poweramp lisense. I placed the .apk file in the root directory but I was charged again when I installed the app on the new phone for the software thru paypal. The app said I could return it within 2 hours but now I dont see that option(it has only been 30 minutes). Can someone tell me what I need to do to get credit.
  2. Dang..... I must have gotten a deal...... I only paid $4 and didnt have any problems once I figured out which playlist file types worked. You just have to copy the .m3u playlist files into the Playlist Folder on the device and be sure you have Poweramp set to scan that folder when importing. I am very happy with it.......... thanks Guys and keep up the good work.
  3. I am testing Trial Poweramp but the ability to export/import playlist from my computer is important to me When I go to Settings>Folders and Library>Playlist Import/Export>Import System Library Playlist > I just get the message “Poweramp will import System Library playlists. Existing Poweramp playlist won’t be overwritten” and when I click on Import, it doesnt seem to do anything(like asking where the playlist files to be imported are located)...... Am I missing something? Also I have not been able to figure out what playlist files are supported. I can export mpl, m3u, m3u8, asx, csv..... Any Help or Advice is appreciated
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