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  1. Sorry to be so dense.... So, delete the "syncr" folder that has all the music and drag and drop the files manually into the "music" folder (which is on the SD card but empty)? I don't use Kies and Airdroid is hit or miss. Thx
  2. I had some live tracks on an "album" I created for a particular artist. I got the rest of the tracks from the concert, so I removed the ones I already had from that album, combined them with the new ones, and made an album of just the concert. There are still some tracks on the original album, so I should have a total of two albums. After syncing the phone and PC (running iSyncr from iTunes on PC to Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3), Poweramp would not recognize the new tracks and left the pre-existing ones on the album they were on. After syncing again, it still wouldn't see the new ones and
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