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  1. Do all the songs have ID tags? I've recently discovered that the app is dependent on ID tags.
  2. YES! That worked! I have an album that came in two discs, but as you know, the album name is the same. In the Folder view, it was able to seperate the two discs as two seperate albums by folder name (which is what I want). I changed the folder to "Disc 1" and "Disc 2", however, the ID3 tag for both shared the same name, therefore Poweramp (in Library view) saw both discs as one album. In other words... I'll use Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile" album as an example I have Disc 1 folder named as "Disc 1", but the ID3 tag is "The Fragile" I have Disc 2 folder named as "Disc 2", but the ID3 tag
  3. Interesting, and yes, I only edited the folder name, not the ID3 tags. I, too, use TagScanner. I'll try editing those particular folders/albums (that are not showing up in the Library view), via TagScanner, and see if that works. Thanks Mondkalb and Andre, for the suggestion. I'll let you know the results.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Andrew And yes, I've tried both of your suggestions, multiple times, again, to no avail. Any other suggestions? =)
  5. Hello All my albums in the "Folder" view is showing up correctly, including the names of the albums, which I've edited before transfering over to my phone. However, in the "Library" view, I am missing a couple of albums and some album names are incorrect - they are showing up as the name before the editing. Troubleshooting I've done already (in these exact steps): - Removed all my music (from SD card) - Cleared the phone's cache - Cleared the data from the Poweramp app - Deleted the album art cache - Copied back my music back (to SD card) ==> All to no avail. Anyone else experienced
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