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  1. Hi, I might be doing something completely wrong, but I can't seem to figure this out. I have set the Repeat to "Repeat List", and then I play a song from a folder. Now when I hit next, Poweramp moves to the next folder, instead of a different song from the current folder. How can I configure it so that it skips tracks, instead of folder?
  2. +1 This will be a great addition to Poweramp.
  3. Poweramp acts very weird with MIUI. Please fix Poweramp for MIUI please.
  4. lulzactive kernel locks down the cpu frequence to the minimum (100MHz) .. I tested with other media players and they all stutter at that frequency .. so the problem could be with the Android Media Services. Thanks for the prompt reply
  5. I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 with CM7 (Kernel: SiyahKernel with lulzactive governer - which locks down the CPU frequency to MIN when screen is off). When my MIN cpu frequency is set to 100MHz and I turn off the screen, while Poweramp if playing music, the music starts to stutter. When I set the MIN to 200MHz, Poweramp plays just fine. Can Poweramp run on a MIN cpu frequency of 100MHz? Edit: Mentioned the Device name.
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