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  1. I do understand that from a developers point of view the challenge lies in working on the interesting/difficult parts, rather than working on, what must be, small (and perhaps tedious) bits of functionality. I myself am driven by feedback and comments i get from my users on my app but sometimes it is satifying to work on some complex functionality. I fully understand your position and your effort on this forum is greatly appreciated.
  2. It has been a while now since the beta version was released. There have been many reactions mainly focussing on design (material) but Max's focus seems to be more on the low level technical aspects of the audio engine rather than developing functionality requested by users. My view is that although a new audio engine is nice, most users (imho)are quite happy with the existing sound and do not really care about the new audio engine. I fully agree with thei and andre on visualisations, for me a total waste of time. I have long gone back to the regular version so i guess the wait is on for the next release.
  3. I have now tested on v6 on android and have not found any issues. Conclusion, it must be the AVD (android virtual device).
  4. I normally use mp3TagTools https://sourceforge.net/projects/massid3lib/ which has options to copy all ID3v1.1 tags to ID3v2.3 and vice versa. Open up the appropriate music folder, which will load all mp3 files therein, highlight them all and select correct option from Tools menu The options are a little counter intuitive though: IDv3.1.1 -------> ID3V2.x IDv3.1.1 <------- ID3V2.x Hope this helps
  5. Tested on Motorola G , android 6. All tracks show the albumart. Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-582
  6. Copy them anywhere you like on your device but probably a folder called Music is more appropriate. Then launch Poweramp, Goto Settings, Folders and Library,Music folders. Simply unclick all and only select the folders you want Poweramp to scan. Select folders and rescan once you get back one level
  7. Google has made a compatibility library available which allows the use of newer features for older versions so ensuring backward compatibility.
  8. The easiest way is to create playlists but Poweramp does not (as fas as i am aware)allow you to exclude tracks which were selected previously. It does record how often you play the track but again, i think that pa does not expose this. However, i have developed a playlist manager tool which 1. allows you to create randomly selected playlists, 2. Exposes Poweramp's rating and times played so you can create playlist using these criteria 3. allows you to date baseline your tracks and timestamp them when you create playlists, excluding all those that have been selected before (since tha last time you baselined the tracks)
  9. After investigation, it appears that neither android nor Poweramp hold the comment details. To explain this a little further, android and Poweramp scan your media files and popuplate/mantain their databases reading the information on the tags. As they do not include the comment tag, i am (and Poweramp) unable to create playlists from it. Sorry
  10. At the moment i have not exposed this tag but i will certainly have a look at adding it. I will update this thread with progress.
  11. Yes, nice and easy. Not to forget though that any m3u or m3u8 playlist will be scanned and an android playlist created which pa can import.
  12. Poweramp does record how many times you play the track. I am not sure though if the app itself shows this. However, using my app enables you to create playlists using the "times played" tag. It is also a component of the popularimeter tag. (Rating and times played"
  13. Having read many posts on the queue, I still fail to see its use. Why not simply use playlists. Negative-z you are looking for the ability to play random albums or songs? My app has this functionality and integrates with Poweramp. Links in my signature
  14. Nacho, you state that many other people have the same issue. Are these people posting on this forum? If so what do the responses say? Plase also state the version of Poweramp you are using. There has been a beta release which has album art display issues and which have been reported here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8508-album-art-not-displaying-correctly-when-playing-from-playlists/
  15. Andre, I agree, functionality is much more important than look and feel. When I use Poweramp, the mobile sits in my pocket. I certainly do not sit and look at it all the time. For me the way it looks is fine. Material Design is perhaps of use for developers but I think it is a retrograde step for users.
  16. You can switch visualisation off. Right swipe and tap the visualisation icon until it shows disabled.
  17. From posts on this forum i would say dlna, export and import ratings and settings, album artist tag. Purely for selfish reasons, additional functionality in the api to allow creating, maintaining deleting Poweramp playlists by external apps.
  18. Planned features for next betas: - improved Album Art area navigation - new spectrum-like seekbar - improved tablet UI - improved lists - various plugin APIs published with sample apps - improved info/tag editing - some cloud support - DNLA http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8494-Poweramp-alpha-build-700/
  19. Tagged a track's rating on pc. Checked with Filesleuth that popularmeter tag had been updated. Copied to android device, rescanned with Poweramp, checked track but no sign of rating so it looks like nothing has (as yet) changed.
  20. Andre, thanks for putting this straight. If the old database was not overwritten then my assumption is incorrect. I will do some additional testing.
  21. there has been a lot of discussion on this forum on how to preserve the ratings when upgrading phone (or upgrading Poweramp). This has not been possible so far http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/4502-rating-from-id3-tag/ I just checked the new release and it appears to pick up the ratings from the mp3 tags. As I simply reinstalled the new release, the old database will have been overwritten and Poweramp will have scanned my sdcard to re populate this database using the mp3 tag details found on the tracks. As I had previously updated the "rating" mp3 tag on the tracks using my app, Poweramp has now picked these up so it seems to be working..
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