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  1. If you want to be able to specify a date when creating recently added playlists, my app Playlist Manager by theoklink has that functionality and lots more!!
  2. Tarazzz, I have experienced similar behaviour. In my case it occurred when there was a reading problem with my external sdcard. I have all my music on the external sdcard and when the android device cannot read this, the media scanning process, which runs in the background, is unable to find the music. It updates the media database (removing the entries). The playlists themselves seem not to be affected by this but given that the music is no longer found in the media database, it ends up as an emty playlist. After I reformatted my sdcard on the pc I copied the music back and once the media scanning completes, the music will be recognised again. You will have to recreate your playlists though.
  3. It may be possible in pa but if you are looking for a poerrful yet easy to use playlist manager, have a look at Playlist Manager by theoklink. Its special feature is that it handles whole albums or single tracks. My website explains how to make your playlist available to pa.
  4. You do not need album artist tag, it is simply the query that return the albums which needs expanding eg with album ="something" sort by artist by track no. my app Playlist Manager by theoklink has a custom query builder which will allow you to create the playlists you want
  5. JCH can I suggest the following approach: - use a text editor and open one of the .m3u playlists under consideration. Now check if all the expected tracks are listed. I assume that you know which tracks are missing so you can use the search facility to quickly find them. If they are there then it is clear that the issue lies with Poweramp. - If they are not found then there is something amiss with either the way in which the m3u playlist is created. Given that you export them from iTunes, this may be the issue as it may add Apple specific additional data to the m3u. - Alternatively, there is some issue with the particular tracks (for instance perhaps non visible (control) characters in the filename ). Try and rename a small sample of missing mp3 tracks using the actual tracknames. If none of this works perhaps my app Playlist Manager by theoklink on Google Play can be of use to you. It has functionality to view (and get detail) on all tracks on a playlist. You could use this to check if they all exists in the m3u. The paid version has m3u export functionality so perhaps you can use this instead of the Apple proprietory iTunes. You can contact me through my website http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/
  6. On the one hand, as stated above, there is no obligation by the developer to provide new releases, set delivery dates etc. On the other, with the large volume of sales, the public may have certain expectations or make assumptions that there should be a deveopment team. I myself get frustrated by the lack of response sometimes. I think that in the long run, the market share of pa will drop unless there are releases with more functionality. This will purely be due to the fact of competition. No need to call someone a liar.
  7. Vijer, that's a bit harsh! Although we have been promised changes to the api since 2012!!
  8. Playlist Manager is not a music player. As the title suggests, it allows you to manage playlists easily. The pa integration is that my app recognises pa tags Rating and Times played. The playlists are created as system (android) pkaylists which you export as m3u playlists to play in pa. Try the free version and see if you find it useful. Interesting, but does it integrate in Poweramp? Or do I do this inside another application (in this case, yours)?
  9. Playlist manager displays the album covers with artist and albumname on top of the albumart
  10. Perhaps my app Playlist Manager can help. It has both album and track mode. In album mode, it will add whole albums to your playlist. Have a look at my website. It integrates with Poweramp so your playlists can be used by pa. I have provided a special page to explain how to do this. http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/index.html
  11. Another solution (although not perfect)is to use Playlist Manager by theoklink which has the ability to use the pa tags such as rating. By creating playlists for each rating and export to m3u format, you can move these to your new device. Pa can then pick these up again. Downside is that you still have to rerate them manually although you have all the tracks in a playlist.
  12. To create playlist of whole albums is a special feature of Playlist Manager by theoklink on Google or Amazon. It has lots of other functionality too. It complements the Poweramp music experience.
  13. You make a valid point, Google Play music may well displace Poweramp. All it needs is the equaliser.
  14. Just rename it to .m3u. It is a simple text file so that should be sufficient. Alternatively, use my app Playlist Manager on Google Play or Amazon. It has m3u export functionality and much more.
  15. For easy playlist management, have a look at Playlist Manager by theoklink on Google Play or Amazon. It has an option to delete all android playlists in one go.Pa plsylist will have to be deleted from within pa though as pa mantains its own mefia database.
  16. My app Playlist Manager on Google or Amazon looks at the native android media database. Pa builds its own so clearly something amiss if your tracks do not show. Run my app and see if your tracks are all there. It also has an m3u export functionality and integrates with pa tags. M3u playlists can be plsyed in pa.
  17. Nefa, I have been trying to resolve a similar issue. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6381-how-to-launch-Poweramp-from-another-andoid-app-into-playing-an-m3u-playlist/ The difference is that your approach is within the Poweramp api whereas I am trying to approach it from an android point of view. I would be interested to see how you feed pamp a playlist which is then played. I have a playlist manager app on Google play which is able to process pamp mp3 tags. Search for Playlist Manager by theo klink.
  18. Ox eye, Using Google Play instead of Poweramp is perhaps not what this forum wants to support. I does indicates however that Poweramp may be losing ground to Google Play. I have a similar question to yours on this forum. Poweramp needs to service customer requests and provide much more integration with the external android world, especially in terms of extending the api. Sorry I can not answer your question.
  19. Have a look at Playlist Manager by Theo Klink. Although it has no cpoying between playlists, it has the number of stars criteria and recently added where you provide a date. It does a lot more too. Probably the best playlist app on the android market.
  20. Not sure what you have in mind with smart playlists but my app Playlist Manager on Google Play offers quite a lot of functionality. It creates native android playlists which you can export to m3u format. These are then picked up by Poweramp. I have explained it all on my website http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/index.html
  21. I have found that when the sdcard fails, all your music may not be found and playlists are wiped. This has happened to me several times. By exporting your playlists to m3u format (basically text) you can ensure you do not lose them. My app Playlist Manager on Google Play allows you to create native android playlists which you can export to m3u format. These are then picked up by Poweramp. I have explained it all on my wesite. Visit http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/index.html
  22. My Playlist Manager, Creator on Google Play has, apart from offering lots of functionality, an option to move tracks to the top of the playlist. Select the tracks and click!. Although it creates native android playlists, my app integrates Poweramp tags. The m3u export function makes any playlist available to Poweramp. It is all explained on my website. For more details visit http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/index.html
  23. My New Playlist Manager, creator on google play has all the functionalty you are looking for and some more. It creates native android playlists, uses Poweramp tags, exports to m3u which you then load in Poweramp. It is all explained on my website. Visit http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/npm/index.html
  24. Read the following on how to make android playlists available to Poweramp:http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/Poweramp.html
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