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  1. @christmw2503, Poweramp does not have the ratings export functionality so I developed it and made it available in New Playlist Manage so you will be paying for this app, r. To answer your second post, The Fre Playlist Manager is actually a full version of New Playlist Manager but with adverts and some functionality disabled. That is why you get the message "Sorry.... etc"

    The paid version has no adverts and is fully functional so you will not get this message


    ps. I suddenly realised that it says this " version of Poweramp."  When the new releases came out, I checked for Poweramp version as some people had V2 and some V3.  I have removed this in NPM but perhaps not in the Free version. I will check this and remove the Poweramp version check here too.



    Checked the free version and it no longer checks. You must be using an older version instead of 2.60

  2. @Absinthequ having read your extensive post i can report that the artist album will be visible in the next release but not in alternative layout as there is not enough space. In time i will look at this and see if i can somehow squeeze it in for small devices. Secondly, the thicker waveseek bar is already available. Lastly, hiding pro buttons is available in one of my free skins so i will add this to $yaps$.


  3. You are correct if you would want to see the tracks in Poweramp but not if you could create a playlist with references to the nas locations. This is exactly what my app can do. Browse your nas, select tracks, folders etc and create a smb playlist. The url's will have the smb:// protocol prefix. There are a few apps that are able to play these playlists. Would be nice if Poweramp could too. You can experiment using my free version.

  4. Just select shuffle when playing the playlist,, rightmost icon of the 4 below albumart, options are shuffle all, shuffle songs etc

    Alternatively you could use my app which can shuffle or more playlists

    And the i saw this too


    It has a section on shuffle

  5. This is a problem as i have no control over saving any settings. I will post a request whereby max makes this possible. ( and loading of course). Feel free to start a new thread under skins.



    I uninstalled my skin and applied the new .apk package. At first it looked as if all was back to default, I then set text to xlarge, suddenly all other settings reappeared without me doing anything. I seems to be  a dark art.

  6. more coming up probably today 16/6/19. New options to set background colours for the menu on front screen (3 dots) or long press albumart. Also equaliser preset menu and reverb menu. I would like to be able to set all popup/menu backgounds but have not yet been able to figure that out. I have asked maxmp but he has not replied.

    In addition I have added another colour set but all opaque so you now have over 100 colours to choose from.


  7. @maxmp 

    In styles-popup.xml some styles are ok to override but some others cannot be found. 
    For example:
        <style name="PopupDialogListLayoutList">
        <style name="PopupListLayoutList">
        <style name="PopupListLayoutLabel">

    in my style sheet
        <style name="yaps_PopupListLayoutLabel" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:PopupListLayoutLabel">
            <!-- Used for separate dialogs with popup lists, e.g. for Playlist select dialog -->
            <item name="android:background">?colorMenuBgColor</item>
    AAPT: error: style attribute 'com.maxmpz.audioplayer:attr/PopupListLayoutLabel' not found.
    Does this mean these styles no longer exist in Poweramp v830?

  8. 21 hours ago, gabrielgugo said:

    I do not find the sense to return to make my playlists, it would take a long time since I have more than 1000 songs, so I want to save a backup from Poweramp, do not re-do the lists every time.
    It is also assumed that Poweramp should be able to perform this action.

    Yes Poweramp performs this function fine. Given that you have not responded I assume you still do not quite understand where I am going.

    Step 1 -In my app Settings, Random Generation Settings, Set Maximum Number of tracks, set to 2000(or any number you like)

    Step 2 On the main screen, Poweramp tab, hit the blue circle with the green plus, accept the proposed name or provide your own, click OK

    Step 3 two things have happened, firstly a new playlist was created in Poweramp with x number of tracks (whatever you entered in step 1) and secondly your playlist has also been backed up as playlistname.m3u in a folder called playlist_manager .

    Step 4 launch Poweramp, export the newly created playlist and check content

    Step 5 do the same with the .m3u playlist in playlist_manager (on internal memory)

    Step 6 post  the outcome in this thread


  9. You said your Poweramp playlists do not complete properly. I propose you repeat that but using my app instead of Poweramp. If my app creates the playlists properly, your issue lies with Poweramp. If the result is the same, the issue is with your music or device