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  1. Android itself ignores this format too
  2. Try Audiotagger on android, works very well. I am sure there are many others
  3. Just select shuffle when playing the playlist,, rightmost icon of the 4 below albumart, options are shuffle all, shuffle songs etc Alternatively you could use my app which can shuffle or more playlists And the i saw this too It has a section on shuffle
  4. This is a problem as i have no control over saving any settings. I will post a request whereby max makes this possible. ( and loading of course). Feel free to start a new thread under skins. Although...... I uninstalled my skin and applied the new .apk package. At first it looked as if all was back to default, I then set text to xlarge, suddenly all other settings reappeared without me doing anything. I seems to be a dark art.
  5. Thank you, yes almost anything is posible with this skin. About to release another update.
  6. more coming up probably today 16/6/19. New options to set background colours for the menu on front screen (3 dots) or long press albumart. Also equaliser preset menu and reverb menu. I would like to be able to set all popup/menu backgounds but have not yet been able to figure that out. I have asked maxmp but he has not replied. In addition I have added another colour set but all opaque so you now have over 100 colours to choose from.
  7. Navbar background transparent, android navbar transparent, no album blur, text colour white, navbar icon colour white. You could even opt to hide the 3 dots.. no wave or seekbars. Thats it
  8. @maxmp In styles-popup.xml some styles are ok to override but some others cannot be found. For example: <style name="PopupDialogListLayoutList"> </style> <style name="PopupListLayoutList"> </style> <style name="PopupListLayoutLabel"> </style> in my style sheet <style name="yaps_PopupListLayoutLabel" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:PopupListLayoutLabel"> <!-- Used for separate dialogs with popup lists, e.g. for Playlist select dialog --> <item name="android:background">?colorMenuBgColor</item> </style> error AAPT: error: style attribute 'com.maxmpz.audioplayer:attr/PopupListLayoutLabel' not found. Does this mean these styles no longer exist in Poweramp v830?
  9. Yes Poweramp performs this function fine. Given that you have not responded I assume you still do not quite understand where I am going. Step 1 -In my app Settings, Random Generation Settings, Set Maximum Number of tracks, set to 2000(or any number you like) Step 2 On the main screen, Poweramp tab, hit the blue circle with the green plus, accept the proposed name or provide your own, click OK Step 3 two things have happened, firstly a new playlist was created in Poweramp with x number of tracks (whatever you entered in step 1) and secondly your playlist has also been backed up as playlistname.m3u in a folder called playlist_manager . Step 4 launch Poweramp, export the newly created playlist and check content Step 5 do the same with the .m3u playlist in playlist_manager (on internal memory) Step 6 post the outcome in this thread
  10. Unfortunately not. Android 5 is the lowest level (api 21)
  11. You can use your license on multiple devices using the same account. No need to buy more than once
  12. You said your Poweramp playlists do not complete properly. I propose you repeat that but using my app instead of Poweramp. If my app creates the playlists properly, your issue lies with Poweramp. If the result is the same, the issue is with your music or device
  13. As your issue was creating playlists in Poweramp, my app also creates playlists in Poweramp. If you create the same playlist in my app it will show if there is a difference or not. Creating playlists with my app is easy, go to library, tracks or albums or artists etc. Select tracks by ticking the box. Once selected, tap the plus sign at the top.
  14. @maxmp Trying to provide background for all popup menus/dialogs . So far I have been able to style com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemEqPreset com.maxmpz.audioplayer:EqReverbPresetLabel but I am unable to find how to apply a general style to other dialogs etc * default_styles_dialog.xml <!-- NOTE: current Theme is always applied for dialogs, no matter which parent Dialog theme extends (it can be e.g. Android or Support Library dialog theme, or nothing at all). Current Theme is applied without force-overriding, thus, Dialog theme values take precendence --> <!-- Concrete dialog styles --> <!-- NOTE: each dialog theme inheritance path is: dialog_* => *Dialog => BaseDialog => Theme.AppCompat.Light + ActivityTheme_White --> <!-- ^.*?E/ThemeManager\(\d+\):\s+ --> * styles-dialogs.xml NOTE: dialog themes are applied in multiple steps: - main app theme applied - then dialog style, which inherits some *Dialog (e.g. BottomsheetDialog) is applied without overriding exisiting app theme values (meaning, only values which are missing from app theme are applied. App theme attributes take priority) - then ?DialogForcedStyle (==BaseDialogForcedStyle) style is applied with overriding. This applies few styles which always should be overriden for dialog theme, like window title, background, position, etc. but trying to provide a style either results in com.maxmpz.audioplayer:attr/dialog_AlertDialogActivity_list' is private. or com.maxmpz.audioplayer:attr/BaseDialog cannot be found Question: how do I go about this?
  15. @karocolinassfesbon, perhaps a specially designed skin.? What about my bigyaps? It has massive play buttons.
  16. In taht case it is something to do with the latest Poweramp release
  17. Try some of the free skins and see if they behave the same.
  18. As with coeur de pirate, using actual names, brands, sscreenshots of copyright material is not permitted on google play. They will suspend your account.
  19. I have no further interest in memscape and his affairs. Working with me was an opportunity to bring his v3 skins to the market but he declined.
  20. V3 clearly has a new way of creating skins and as i have stated before all the necessary information is available in the form of the skin sdk.
  21. Nothing Poweramp can do. It is simply a matter of developer effort. I guess he/she has a more lucrative job so it is not worthwhile to try and learn how to use the new sdk
  22. @Malagant i have had extensive communications with memscape but in the end my offer for collaboration fell through. Sorry
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