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  1. I do not have a solution but the cause lies here https://developer.android.com/preview/privacy/scoped-storage It is yet another "security" feature when accessing sdcards
  2. @Malagant my next release of $yaps$ will have the spectrum as an option. No waveseek, static waveseek, default waveseek, minispectrum. If this works well then i will also offer a choice of spectrums.
  3. there is a style called <style name="yaps_ItemTrackAAImage_scene_aa_playing" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemTrackAAImage_scene_aa_playing"> and there are two variables in your dimens files <dimen name="aaMaxSize">360dp</dimen> <fraction name="TopAAItemRatio">100%</fraction> so you can either redefine height/width in the _playing style or change the Maxsize and/or Ratio
  4. Search the forum again as there are users who do this. There have been request for this so I have provided the Poweramp playlist id in my app so tasker can launch a playlist. By the way, you can launch a playlist to play with Poweramp from my app New Playlist Manager too.
  5. I assume your tracks and playlists are on a computer? Connect your mobile to the pc using a usb cable. At this point it gets a little difficult as you need to tell your device that it can allow a connection to the pc. Lets take one step at the time so if you let us know what device you have,we can figure out how to do this as it often differs from one brand to another.
  6. First question to answer is Did you copy the actual tracks, referred to in the playlists, to a location on your device? Secondly, What fornat is yourexisting playlist? Does it have an .m3u or ,pla extension eg, myplylist.m3u? If yes to the first question and yes to .m3u then all you have to do is copy those playlists to a folder on your device, then In Poweramp, Settings, Library, Music folders. Make sure Poweramp can scan the folder with your playlists by ticking the appropriate box, Select foldsrs, which will kick off a rescan. Poweramp will do the rest. They should appear in Poweramp
  7. @Malagant there is something called minispectrum available in the skin sdk. There are a number of different wave patterns available so the above is most likely achievable. I use the mini spectrum in the alternative version of my paid skin
  8. @maxmp given the recent introduction of additional meta details (several options) I assume they refer to styles listed in style-item.xml eg <style name="ItemSubheadTracksMeta"> <!-- <item name="android:paddingTop">4dp</item> --><!-- Adjust it on top as 1st cell below has padding on top as well --> <item name="android:paddingLeft">8dp</item> <item name="android:paddingRight">8dp</item> </style> <style name="ItemSubheadTracksMetaTitle" parent="ListItemSimpleSeparator"> <item name="android:layout_width">wrap_content</item> <item name="android:layout_height">match_parent</item> <item name="drawablePaddingStart">6dp</item><!-- NOTE: should be 8dp for text, 6dp compensates for icon space --> <item name="android:drawablePadding">-4dp</item> <item name="android:paddingLeft">4dp</item> <!-- <item name="android:layout_gravity">center</item> --> <item name="android:textColor">?colorTrackMeta</item> <item name="android:textSize">10dp</item> </style> but trying to override these, I get: attribute 'com.maxmpz.audioplayer:attr/ItemSubheadTracksMetaTitle' not found. error: failed linking references. Given that there are notes within the xml Not used at the moment I assume these components have not yet been exposed. Is this assumption correct?
  9. For those interested in bulk updating Poweramp ratings and mp3 ratings tags, I have improved the routines. (in paid version v2.62+ only though)
  10. They may have .wav extension. These file types are not recognised by android. My routine ,looks at the android database in the first place and then finds the equivalent in the Poweramp database, reason for doing this was probably due to limitations under Poweramp v2. The routine could probably do with an update.
  11. When you bulk update a playlists rating, a logfile is created in the playist_manager folder. On completion, a notification appears which you can tap in order to open it. It appears you did not look at this as it will tell you which tracks were updated and reasons for those that did not.
  12. there is no options for this. I just defined it to be narrow... for no particular reason other that I somehow like it.
  13. Yes, as long as you ensure that Poweramp is able to scan the folders where you have your music and playlists. Poweramp is intelligent enough to go through your playlists and figure out location.
  14. I have provided this functionality in my app New Playlist Manager. You can rate a whole playlist in one simple action. It will update the ratings in the Poweramp database after which you also can either back them up or write them to the mp3 tags.
  15. @gabrielgugo not sure what your issue is anymore. You start out with m3u playlists not completing but then you continue talking about different things.
  16. @christmw2503, Poweramp does not have the ratings export functionality so I developed it and made it available in New Playlist Manage so you will be paying for this app, r. To answer your second post, The Fre Playlist Manager is actually a full version of New Playlist Manager but with adverts and some functionality disabled. That is why you get the message "Sorry.... etc" The paid version has no adverts and is fully functional so you will not get this message ps. I suddenly realised that it says this " version of Poweramp." When the new releases came out, I checked for Poweramp version as some people had V2 and some V3. I have removed this in NPM but perhaps not in the Free version. I will check this and remove the Poweramp version check here too. psps Checked the free version and it no longer checks. You must be using an older version instead of 2.60
  17. @Absinthequ having read your extensive post i can report that the artist album will be visible in the next release but not in alternative layout as there is not enough space. In time i will look at this and see if i can somehow squeeze it in for small devices. Secondly, the thicker waveseek bar is already available. Lastly, hiding pro buttons is available in one of my free skins so i will add this to $yaps$.
  18. Probably, Poweramp uses fade in and out a lot so i would be surprised if this cannot be achieved
  19. @djdarkoi can make track title and album artist, rating/like dislike, 3 dots dissapear when playing a track in my $yaps$ skin if there is more interest in this
  20. Yes, the free version of my app can back up the Poweramp ratings but only the paid version can restore them.
  21. You are correct if you would want to see the tracks in Poweramp but not if you could create a playlist with references to the nas locations. This is exactly what my app can do. Browse your nas, select tracks, folders etc and create a smb playlist. The url's will have the smb:// protocol prefix. There are a few apps that are able to play these playlists. Would be nice if Poweramp could too. You can experiment using my free version.
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