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  1. I believe it is as simple as clicking the underlined mono. The underline then dissappears, ie stereo. I just tested this on my copy of Poweramp.
  2. I think you need to be more specific. For instance, Which device, android version etc. It is difficult for people to help with the information you have provided.
  3. Andree, many thanks for mentioning my app. Lets hope the next version of Poweramp is released soon and makes use of this tag. You can read more here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3023-save-ratingcover-in-file/
  4. My app New Playlist Manager is able to import a foreign playlist much the same way pa does but it will also create an output txt file with unresolved entries. The app is also able to create playlist using the pa tags rating and times played. In addition it can write the rating to the actual mp3 tracks.
  5. Rescans are kicked off by android on reboot but it may also rescan by itself so you have no control over this. If you dismount a drive, you run the risk that a rescan will repopulate the media database. Any references to your music tracks will be different so Poweramp will also need to rescan. Hiding in Poweramp does not really help.
  6. As far as i am aware, Poweramp holds albumart in a specific folder. You will find many posts on this. All track details etc are held within the mp3 tags of the track itself. However, Poweramp has a few additional bits such as rating and times played which you cannot export. Again many posts exist on this too. In response to these issues i have added functionality to New Playlist Manager to update the mp3 tags with rating. At least this way you can preserve the rating. It is hoped that the next version of Poweramp will use this rating tag. So, i think that a reinstall may lose your ratings but not the other details.
  7. Did you open up the saved playlists with a text editor? Do you see the tracks line by line?.Exported playlists (m3u8) are just text files. If so then Poweramp does import and rebuilds the playlist. It just looks at the track title at the end and is not looking at the full path so if the track exists on your device, pa will find it. One caveat, ensure that there has been a rescan (eg reboot).
  8. Gol There is a lot of misunderstanding about file based playlists. These are simply external text based m3u or m3u8 playlists which have nothing to do with Poweramp. Poweramp offers both m3u import and export and the feature you ask for exists. When you import a file based playlist, you actually create a new internal Poweramp playlist with the same name. After successful import, you should delete the file based one. Any amendments to the imported playlist can then be secured by exporting.
  9. How would you propose to apply the selection pattern? Why not work off the mp3 tags such as genre or better still use a tool such as New Playlist Manager where you can build your own selection criteria, including numerous sorting options. I am not sure how applying a selection pattern would ensure that your friend's preferences would be selected?
  10. the pa playlists and everything else is held in a database located in data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/databases/folder.db You will not be able to see anything in the data folder unless you have a rooted device though. In the same way, android playlists and track details etc are held in data/data/com.android.providers.media/databases/external.db I think the reason Poweramp uses its own database, rather than the android one, is that this allows them to create their own database structure, making it independent from android, and they can add their own fields such as rating etc. which the he android database does not provide . Poweramp provides import and export functionality under Setting>Folders and Library>Import System Library Playlists and Export Poweramp Playlists When you import, pa will import this into its own database, when you export, it will create an external .m3u8 playlist which then is totally independent from pa. Rather than depending on Poweramp to manage playlists, you can use a dedicated tool such as New Playlist Manager http://www.playlistmanager.webspace.virginmedia.com/npm/ which creates the playlists in android, then export them to m3u, scan by Poweramp, play. As a result of previous threads on this forum, It even has new functionality to write the rating and times played to the mp3 tracks.
  11. The way I see it, if you use Poweramp to add/manage its own playlists then make sure you export them each time as m3u8 files after you make amendments. This is the only way to ensure you do not lose your changes. Also, if you import a file based playlist, I advise that you delete this playlist after it was successfully imported. This will prevent that a rescan (a reboot for instance) will revert the playlist back. Alternatively you can change its name so a rescan can not affect the original.
  12. There have been many posts on this forum requesting this feature. I have developed a playlist manager app which allows you to create playlists using this tag. One link(of many): http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8170-multiple-album-artist-tags-support/
  13. Most likely reason is that these tracks are not properly tagged. If you were to look at these albums using some other music player, you will most likely see the same. Poweramp has tagging capabilities itself or you can use one of the free mp3 tagging tools.
  14. IMHO Normally Poweramp is pretty good at responding. Why dont you post your issue and see if the pa community can help.
  15. Although my hypothesis did not hold up, ie you did not have an external sdcard, the principle probably still applies. You start out with your music collection, all is well, you build your playlist. The tracks on these playlists hold references to an id (unique key) which identifies the track in the database. Now, if for some reason, the media database is rebuilt (if you clear data for instance, android will automatically rebuild a new database), all your tracks will be rescanned and entered into this database but this time with new and different keys. I have found that android does not clear the playlist entries but the track ids are no longer valid so it clears some tables in the database, leaving you with an empty playlist.
  16. Version 27 of New Playlist Manager has just been released and now has the ability to save your Rating and Times Played to the IDV3_2_3 POPM Popularimeter tag.
  17. What most likely has happened is that your sdcard (assuming your music resdides here) was removed. When this happens, android rescan will find no music and so your playlist ends up empty. The best way to secure your playlists is to export them to m3u format. Poweramp has this export functionality or you can use a third party tool such ss New Playlist Manager. I am afraid your current playlists are not recoverable.
  18. Import external playlist using New Playlist Manager import feature (does not care about paths), deduplicate (one click), export again, play in Poweramp. Job done
  19. Why not use the deduplication feature of New Playlist Manager?
  20. Update: to go back to the original post "is there any way that a rating/cover that I give to a song is saved in the actual file so that it is still there when I transfer it to my computer? " The next version of New Playlist Manager will have this functionality. It updates the ID3V2_3 Popularimeter Tag as described above and comment Tag of the actual mp3 track. Although you work with android playlists in this app, it searches the Poweramp database for each track and return the values for Rating and Times Played. These are then used to update the track. The easiest way to do this would be to use the Criteria > Ratings option and create a playlist for each of the possible values (0 to 5). Then update the tags for each playlist. If you copy the tracks to your PC and list them showing the ratings column you will see the result. Alternatively, to see all the details, use a tool such as FileTagSleuth. Apart from some testing, I plan to release this by the end of the week ending 17/10/15.
  21. Ps, the latest version of New Playlist Manager now has copy/move functionality. There is also a supporting website.
  22. I think issue this related to many posts on this forum on "Album Artist" mp3 tag not being used by Poweramp. As a result, compilation albums do not show as one album but many albums with one or two tracks. However, not all is lost as you can create playlists using New Playlist Manager's custom option. The "Album Artist" tag is exposed and can thus be used. Once you export the new playlist, it can be played by Poweramp.
  23. Going to give this a go as new functionality for New Playlist Manager <Header for 'Popularimeter', ID: "POPM"> Email to user <text string> $00 Rating $xx Counter $xx xx xx xx (xx ...) where I will try and use the information of the Poweramp database Rating and Times Played to update the tag on the mp3 file. As the value for rating is from 0 - 250, I suggest to multiply by 50, so a rating of 5 becomes 250.
  24. Q1 yes, pa playlists are held within the Poweramp database. You normally can not see these files unless your device is rooted. Q2 a file based playlist is an external (to Poweramp) playlist generally known as m3u or m3u8 playlists. These are simply text files. Poweramp does not alter these, it is able to play them or import them. M3u playlist may be created by other music players or tools such as New Playlist Manager. As you point out, it is a good way to backup your playlists. You have understood everything correctly. Rather than finding 2types inconvenient, this actually provides more flexibility and interchangeability.
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