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  1. That's interesting. Thanks for the help. But there is no limit on FLAC files in Poweramp, is there? Is there a reason that FLACs of different speeds are supported by ALACs are not? I get that ALAC and FLACs take up a lot of space, but that is the beauty of having a 64 GB mobile device. Do FLACs eat up the battery as bad as the ALACs? Red
  2. Hey all, I have seen a few posts about Poweramp not being able to play ALAC files over a certain size/speed/sample rate. I can't find anything recent about whether this have been addressed or not. I have a few HD Tracks at 96kHZ/24bit. When I upload the FLAC version of the song to my phone, everything works perfectly. When I convert the same to ALAC (so that I can play across my network using Air Play) and upload those to the phone, Poweramp thinks that they files at 32kHZ and they play soooooooo slowly. I have checked and iTunes reports the ALAC files being at 96k, so I do not think it is the converter (I am using dbPoweramp Music Converter - for what it is worth). Any ideas what might be going on? Red
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