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  1. Well, after twiddling around with some settings I now have working play/pause, next/prev song working with Impulse controller on Poweramp
  2. I'm referring to this controller: http://www.impulsecontroller.com/ Would be nice to use this controller in a car with Poweramp to play/pause, next/prev song etc. like it works with Spotify. So requesting Poweramp-support for this controller .
  3. Thanks! Actually you have to long-press the song title, then you can select "artist", "album" and "folder"
  4. In the main Poweramp playing gui there could be a button that goes directly to that songs folder. This came to mind when I just play all my songs in shuffle and sometimes there's a song that gets me "hey, I'd like to listen to more songs from this album!" and thus pressing a button/icon could get me right to the folder of the song
  5. Is this going be implemented? Anyway thanks for the latest update .
  6. I should add that I'm using m4a (mp4) -files instead of mp3. I've tagged my music using MP3Tag. It could also be a problem in that program.
  7. The letter "Å" is not working, instead it is displayed as some 2-letter gibberish, character encoding bug?
  8. Hi, I'd request this feature, like on WinAMP on PC. It should be an option if one wishes to keep the original queue-operation.
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