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  1. Any update? How do we know if the feature is something officially being considered?
  2. Sorry, I must not have been clear. I mean Bluetooth headset disconnect. My car has bluetooth for voice calls, which is a different bluetooth profile than the one for A2DP for stereo music. Poweramp will pause for A2DP disconnect, but not headset Bluetooth profile, which makes sense in most cases, but in my situation I turn off the car and it would be a perfect opportunity to pause since that indicates I'm leaving the car.
  3. So I've been having this same problem lately. I *used* to be able to choose "Poweramp" from the picker pick list to play .mp3 files, but with the latest of both Poweramp and Astro File Browser this is NOT possible. I'm not sure which or both caused the issue, since both have changed quite a bit from when this used to work for me. What's in my pick list is Winamp, PlayerPro, Music2 (google), TuneWiki, and the built in audio player. But NOT Poweramp. Did the intent change that Astro File Browser is using to play mp3's? I did look at the "file extension" setting in Astro and it lists out m
  4. Hi, I use audible.com to listen to books in the car, and one thing I really enjoy about that app being used in the car is that when I turn off my car, the app automatically pauses the book. I learned that it did this not by sensing when power was removed which I thought at first was how it was doing it, but instead that it did it based on my car kit's audio headset disconnection. Note that my car does NOT support A2DP which Poweramp does support pausing on disconnection of, but my car DOES support regular bluetooth headset. So can you please add an option to pause on bluetooth headset
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