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  1. I used the trial issue of Poweramp on my Xoom and liked it very much. Purchased the full version (basically an unlocker) and found out that I must be connected to the internet to activate the app every time I want to use it. My Xoom is wi-fi only and I can't use it on the road. There is no way to contact Poweramp and although the app worked during the time I was unlocking it, it now shows "can't verify Poweramp license". Why all this hassle over a $4.00 app????? Now I'm out 4 bucks, hacked off at the outfit that duped me and looking for another way to play music that is not supported by the standard Droid player. Why in the world would they require verification after the purchase is paid for and accepted and WHY DON'T THEY TELL ME IT MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE INET TO WORK?????????????????????????????????????????????
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