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  1. I just reverted to the stock kernel and I still can't play files. This is getting absurd, and still not a word from the devs.
  2. How annoying. I'd rather keep my current kernel (faux) on my Nexus 4, but I really miss some settings from Poweramp versus the default music app, like ReplayGain support. Should I just assume that nobody who can fix this ever reads these forums?
  3. Being a Nexus 4, my phone only has 16gb and no real separation between the "SD card" and the "internal memory". At this point my guess is that kernels which modify the audio drivers (which is a lot of them) somehow are causing Poweramp to blow up.
  4. Gotta wonder what the hell Poweramp's using that could cause a conflict with kernels, of all things. What's the kernel you tried, if I may ask? I'd like to determine which feature is causing this.
  5. Now consider that I am not on CM at all and still am getting the issue. I'm on stock (rooted) Android with the faux kernel, that's it. The app is great but the support is really terrible, it seems.
  6. I submitted a bug report too (probably a week ago by now) and didn't even receive a simple automatic confirmation email. Not a word. I know Poweramp isn't very expensive, so I'm not asking for instantaneous tech support, but it's still rather frustrating that we can't even tell whether they give a shit about the issue or not.
  7. They're in /storage/emulated/0/Music (the default folder) and Poweramp most certainly looks there.
  8. I just did a factory reset and reinstalled everything and Poweramp still isn't reading my files. There's no license problem or anything else that I can see. This is on stock JB 4.3 with faux kernel and stock bootloader.
  9. I'll bump this as I've yet to figure out a solution despite many attempts (including reinstalling the app and unlocker a few times).
  10. I'm having the same issue on my Nexus 4 (stock with faux kernel). I've tried to clear the data, uninstall and reinstall the app, reboot the phone, change the files, nothing works. Just to address the typical problems: -The files do exist on the disk. Folder rescanning didn't change anything. -Can't unmount the SD card on the N4. -Files are mp3s and flacs for the most part, with some m4as thrown into the mix. None of them, regardless of type, works, though when I select one to play the correct metadata (title, album, bitrate, file type, etc.) will show up. The only element which doesn't show up is track length; I just get -:--. -Files can be read by Play Music without any hiccups whatsoever, so they're definitely correct. My only guess at this is that I've switched to a new Google account recently and did a factory reset afterwards, using the new account as a primary account instead of my old one (which has the Poweramp license). Poweramp initially complained about not being licensed, but I uninstalled it, switched the Play Store to my old account and reinstalled and now the app doesn't say anything. Could it still be confused about licenses?
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