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  1. i purchased Poweramp on website 2 years ago (2012).i bought galaxy note 3 and i installed latest Poweramp bulid 552 and when i want to activated according to the instructions ( restore purchase method) it give me an error " APM response 500 NO MORE ACTIVATIONS LEFT".and i use Get Support button in Poweramp license dialog yesterday but nothing happend until now ! i sent an email from Poweramp app but i not received any answers =============================== edit: after 2 day! now it bypass license verification but at the moment biger problem is appear: evry time i oppend Poweramp in setting its shows: "licence check pending" after afew secend its show purchase verified,but when i close and start again app in setting its show license check pending and blah blah,and this procedure happens over and over again my phone : galaxy note 3 android 4.4.2 official samsung kitkat rom(unrooted) best regards
  2. i bought new phone (htc one sv),but when i enter to the Poweramp appit say : beats audio not supported and blah blah .... we recommend keep it off whats problem? Poweramp not supported beats audio? i use Poweramp 2.0.9 build 534 my rom is: offical htc 4.1.2
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