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  1. I will have to add my battery issue as well. While out for a run, my phone drained from 100% charged to fully drained and powering off in ... about 90 minutes. This happened a couple of weeks ago as well, but I assumed it was some sort of random issue. Poweramp and Endomondo sports tracker were running, screen off. Bluetooth headset attached. I've been using this setup with no issues in the past. Device Maintenance flagged Poweramp as the highest battery usage in both instances. I've been seeing Poweramp getting flagged for high battery usage for the last few we
  2. The "Album Artist" tag needs be be utilized. Which. as far as I see, Poweramp does not utilize.
  3. Using a Dsub/subsonic for fetching and Poweramp for playing is the solution I've settled on as well. It has allowed me access to so much more of my music. It can get a bit clumsy, bouncing between apps, but it's still better than other solutions I've tried. It sure would be nice to have it integrated into PA. I hope Max considers it, at least. I wouldn't even want a true stream for quality sake. Just a fetch (download file off home server). A Temp (delete once played) or Add to Library (leave in media folder) option would be great, but no necessary.
  4. Yes, a great idea! Hope it makes it onto the ever growing list of todo items!
  5. There are many request for Google Play compatibility, but I really think compatibility with the Plex server system would be more useful. Well, it would for me, anyway. Plex is a media server one can run on their own server at home, but their music player is really subpar. Plex + Poweramp would be a dream come true for me.
  6. Another shout out for Chromecast ability.
  7. A feature the Amazon Cloud player has is a playlist total time feature (when you add songs to a playlist it will show the additive time of all the tracks in the playlist). This feature has proven handy to me on several occasions and it would be great if Poweramp could implement it at some point. Thanks for the great app!
  8. One of the best apps I ever found as Amazon MP3 Mover, which automatically relocates files downloaded from Amazon Cloud to the folder of your choice. I just browsed through apps on Play, though, and it doesn't look like there's a Google Play version. I wonder if the app developer would make a modification if he knew there was a market for it?
  9. I noticed that the tag editor feature in Poweramp does not allow me to change the disc number field. If this field is incorrect, songs get disordered in their lists. Any chance this could get added in a future release? Thanks
  10. Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to duplicate the WinAmp auto scrolling list. I had almost forgotten about that feature in WA. It's a nice one. You can can display the very next track in PA, though, by going to Settings/Player UI/Meta/ and selecting "Next Track". It'll display on the bottom, under the track time Only one track, but it helps me keep the mood even during random play listening sessions.
  11. A single tap on the song title currently being played (at the bottom of the screen) and the list will pop up (long press will give you option. To return to the regular (album art) screen, tap the button in the lower left hand corner.
  12. If you copied you music folder over to a PC, then , once you formatted your new card, copy it back, I would think all the information would be preserved.
  13. I'll throw my hat into the ring of the folks desirous of this feature.
  14. I would really love the ability to sort, at least within "artist", by the "date" of an album, rather than alphabetical by "album title".
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