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  1. See! That's why you make the BIG bucks!! LOL??? That is exactly what was wrong. Thank you very much, I am whole again. Peace out.
  2. You have Oreo 8.0 on your Tab S2? I haven't received it yet. Still on 7.0. Was your update OTA or rooted? So what can I do about this problem?? If you know, where can I get 8.0. Don't know why it hasn't pushed to my Tab. Thanks.
  3. Hidden about the status bar is a notification pull down menu that shows notifications, different connectivity icons and when Poweramp is playing it should show the album art of the song playing, the back, pause and next track buttons. It shows these on my LG V20 pull down menu when Poweramp is running but not on my Galaxy Tab S2!! Don't know why??
  4. Hello, was wondering if it's possible to have Poweramp controls in the dropdown menu on my Galaxy Tab S2 9.7? They are available on my LG V20. Is it possible to get them on the Tab S2? Thanks.
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