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  1. Hi! I have recently bought a Cowon Z2 and I am a novice with Android. For some reasons, the Cowon Z2 does not have the Android market application. And Google play does not recognise the device. That is why I have bought the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker directly on the website. Then, the unlocker was sent to me by e-mail. I have installed it on my music player (which is connected to Internet). But, the next day, the following message has appeared: "Impossibility to check the Poweramp licence" (...) "APM response - No valid google accounts." And I cannot access Poweramp anymore. When I click the "Help" button and write a message with my purchase number, all I get is : "No application can do that action." I really do not know what to do... and I am pretty desperate... Can somebody help me? Thank you in advance. Maxime
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