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  1. And don't forget to import your settings and playlists.
  2. Export your playlists and settings, deinstall V3, dowload the apk: and install it. Make sure to uncheck automated updates in google playstore.
  3. If you do a long press on the artist name in the artist list you can choose play or shuffle which will play all of the artist titles. In play mode, press long on the title and choose artist to get a list of all titles of the artist. In short: Choosing the artist folder from the artist list will bring up the subfolders with several albums, if available. Choosing the artist option from the play mode will bring you to the complete list of all titles of the artist.
  4. Maybe you are missing the action bars? They can be activated in --> settings ... look and feel ... menus.
  5. I encountered some problems on my older tablet with Android 2.2, which has really bad scanning habits and doesn't do it very reliable. On my new Galaxy s4 mini none of these things occur. The scanning is fast and hardly perceivable. Poweramps own scan process is also very fast. There are about 9000 songs on my sdcard and no problems at all.
  6. There are many free tools avialable. Almost all mp3 tag editors, for example mp3tag can do the job. Also, usually the windows mp3 players can create playlist (foobar or winamp).
  7. Do you have edited the album names in the mp3-tags too? I think the library view is created from tag informations.
  8. That is a quite annoying behavior of Poweramp. The only workaround is to rename one of the albums (for example add something in brackets like the year or the artist name)
  9. The number of songs shouldn't influence the playing of songs, because only one song at a time is actually played. At worst it would only affect the general behavior of the player software, making it somewhat slower, I think. I have about 9000 songs on my sdcard on a Galaxy S4 mini and it works fine and fast. Have you checked you active apps? Are there any that might use up RAM and processor power?
  10. You can change the settings for all lists individually. While Albums are sorted alphabetically, you can change the setting for the track listing to track number (click settings in any track list and change the option). I assume, the play lists are generated based on the list options (haven't checked though).
  11. Well, it should, but it doesn't. I have Poweramp installed on a tablet with Android 2.1 where it works as supposed. On my new Galaxy S4 mini with Android 4.2.2, it doesn't. The title scrolling only works on the lock screen, not on the main app screen. Any ideas?
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