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  1. Please add 'Albumartist' (not to be confused with the existing 'album by artist' to the list! And if the Albumartist tag is empty in an track it should take the 'Artist' tag by default. This way classical music will be sorted under their composer (where the artist tag is usually the preforming orchestra) and the popmusic without albumartist tags will be sorted under their regular artist tag. For instance: Albumartist Artist Album Mahler NY Philharmonic Complete Symphonies Mahler
  2. Thanks for the quick repy, and thanks for adding a (apparently) less popular field Max! No other Music app comes close to Poweramp!
  3. I hope that embed album art for .opus, that (hopefully) will come out (as a Poweramp beta) will be okay. Little bit disappointed that ogg Vorbis embed album art does not work since ogg is a great format for portable players.
  4. Thanks, I will check it out!
  5. Hi Guys, little off topic but what program do you use to convert your .flac (and other stuff) to OPUS? Trying to convert my library to OPUS just in case OPUS support comes to Poweramp. The good quality on let's say 62 kbs makes it attractive for small SD cards (Like the 32gig HTC One:( ) EDIT: Used Foobar2000, can't wait for the OPUS support for this wonderful media player!
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