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  1. I paid for the full version a couple of days ago. When I opened the program today I got a message telling me it was a trial version and it would expire in 15 days.
  2. OK I've been a jump in with both feet kind of guy for many years. I managed to make stuff work that way usually. What I did when I didn't see the new playlists added that were put on after I installed Poweramp was to go in and import system playlists and music settings from the menu in the playlists section. At first I got all the new stuff plus I got new copies of all my old stuff marked like this, "Playlist Name _ 1". So I jumped in with both feet and deleted all my playlists and did the import again. I got the lists I wanted (just one copy of each) with all my songs and my playlists that I set up when I uploaded the music onto my Micro SD card. I didn't want to have a new copy of every playlist every time I added a new one so I figured this way would fix it. I know it shouldn't take such an effort to add new stuff but this works. BTW I use WonderShare MobileGo to upload my music because I can add playlists as I'm doing it. It's much easier to do it from the PC I'm using to upload.
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