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  1. I am also having this issue. I am running Poweramp on an LG Optimus G on Beanstalk ROM (Android 4.3 - CM10.2/AOKP/PA amalgamation). Paid version of Poweramp, updated to latest in Play store. Media is in MP3 format, stored on external SD card. Media is playable without issue by at least the following other players: Apollo, Winamp, jetAudio. All of the media in use was working fine when on Android versions prior to 4.3. I have attempted the following to resolve the issue: -uninstall/reinstall WinAmp -clear app data for WinAmp -rescan media within WinAmp / full rescan from within WinAmp -rescan media from TricksterMod kernel controller (full device media rescan) -Manually select individual and parent folders of media within WinAmp -Reformat SD Card (32GB Sandisk) FAT32, replace media files on card Within WinAmp, album art shows up, and song titles show up. Often (but not always) end time of track shows as "-:--" rather than the actual track length. Please advise if there is any additional info that would be useful to you for troubleshooting this issue. Thanks.
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