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  1. Yes, the problem I have, is that I have hundreds of mp3's that are each a couple seconds long. They're various tones/frequencies that I play for students. Was hoping to use my cell to get away from the laptop since I play them thru a powered speaker. Having then in a number of differing folders, I have to jump around playing one here, another there. This has become more difficult than I thought it would be, and will probably have to stick to the laptop.
  2. Same here, good luck with that one! I see the latest build has some sort of mystical bluetooth single play, bet that one will be handy!
  3. Does anyone know if this option exists? You would think something this basic would be standard, I'm very frustrated trying to break away from tablet and laptop while giving instruction which requires very short mp3's, over 200 of them.
  4. Does anyone know if this option is going to be possible? I tried unchecking the box as mentioned below with it playing thru. I have over 200 very short clips that I play while teaching. Was hoping to use cell to do this. Hard to stop at the end of each one. Doesn't seem to be a popular option since I haven't seen a player that does it yet.
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