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  1. hi Poweramp team! I have two features I want you to implement into the app. The first feature is Album Artist Pictures, found in PlayerPro. I saw this in PlayerPro, and I was impressed, but you can't change the picture itself in that app, and PlayerPro isn't as good as Poweramp. Another feature is lockscreen notification support, as found in Paranoid Android. I want this to be,supported because currently, if you were to bring up the notification on the lockscreen, the notification shows up with Album Art, but no text including the Track Name, Artist Name and Album Name!e show up. The pause button works, but the previous/next and play buttons don't work. If you were to implement this, it would be great. Thanks.
  2. UPDATE: OK this is getting ridiculous. I tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling both versions of the app, clearing data several times, and even clearing the cache/dalvik cache in recovery. it is affecting every file I load into the app. it doesn't even let me select the previous track in the notification drawer and in the app, and sometimes it doesn't finish the track for me. one thing that I've done was edit the tags. does that have an affect on this issue. all files affected were .aac files.
  3. when I add some songs to the Poweramp app, the track is showing up with double the time of the actual track. with that being said, it starts at the middle of the doubled time. for example, if a track is 2:30, it shows up as 5:00, but starts at 2:30. any help?
  4. Even though I checked the so-called "Enable MusicFX" ticker in Audio >>> Advanced Settings, the box didn't come up. I'm on Android version 4.3, CyanogenMod 10.2, d2att.
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